About Us

A Guildford rooms let tale

Thirty years ago a boy came to Surrey University from Bradford city for doing his bachelor’s in economics. With limited amount of money in his pocket he started searching for a rental room near the university campus. He shifted many apartments during his studies, however without the facility of internet at that time, it took him few months to get a kind of accommodation that he actually needed. After graduating from Surrey University he did many jobs and so every time bare the problem of finding good rental rooms. He worked really hard in his life and there came a day when he had a good job, family, money, sweet home of his own and extra property which he could rent .Rental accommodation problems this person had faced in his life when he did not have house of his own, are also faced by many people in UK and Ireland.

Almost everyone who moves to other cities or does not have house of his own faces the problem of finding suitable accommodation to live. The idea of making Guildford rooms let website is quite much taken from this story. When we were planning of making this website it was meant to help us post advertisements of our properties that we have in Surrey but keeping in mind the above story the real makers and shakers behind this website extended its  scope  and  decided that apart from us this website will let both people offering  rental room/house   and  rental house / room seekers from UK and Ireland to place advertisements  on this website.

“We are different “- how’s that?

  • We believe in collective benefit (help of community) instead of individual benefit.
  • This website is easy to use and not overloaded with data and pictures.
  • A number of searching options are available.
  • We reject fake ads.
  • This website is a newcomer to the rental industry.

What benefits you can get ?

It’s a free ad listing platform providing opportunity to people who need a rental house or room and to people who want to rent out their house/room. But those who want to have their advertisements appear at the top of home page of Guildford rooms let (as featured ads ) then we charge £5 per month for 1 ad. Your posted ad will show on this website for the period of 4 months and after 4 months you have to place your ad once again.  For your ease we have made 4 categories for placing an ad; house for rent, house wanted, room for rent and room wanted (see home page). You can easily search  your target through our numerous searching options available on home page. You can search  rental houses and rooms available on this website by mentioning city or county or  postcode in the search bar. You can also use advance searching options. After placing an ad with us we make sure your ad get listed (in some cases we keep the right to reject your ad) with us within few hours.  If you don’t find what you are looking for you can simply post wanted ad.

With us, you can be sure of a quick and safe ad listing. Detailed information of all the posted advertisements (house /room wanted and house/room for rent) is quite helpful. We are based in Guildford, Surrey and operate 24/7. This website is for people needing and offering rental houses and rooms in UK and Ireland.

How this website works

You can do searching and view details of properties without being registered in this website but you must have to register if you want to place an ad here or if you want to ask a question related to a property from the advertiser.

Are u still confused? What to do? Forget everything, place an ad what type of accommodation do you need and start packing your luggage because soon you will be moving to your desired place that you would find on this website.