Despair of private tenants in UK

| Uncategorized | January 8, 2013

According to survey conducted by a housing charity, Shelter  many private tenants are facing difficulties in the rental accommodation they are living in but their landlords do nothing to resolve their problems. Of the total people  (tenants ) questioned in the survey, 41% said that their landlords did take any action when they aware them of their problems while 16% respondents said that in the past 10 years they had troubles with their landlords. However 7% said that they did not convey their issues to the landlords because they were scared of their reaction.

According to guardian newspaper, in the past five years the demand for rental accommodation (private) has increased by 40% due to persistent deficiency of social housing. According to survey by shelter, Tenants are struggling while rental industry is flourishing.

In an interview to guardian newspaper, Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said that while running the campaign against worst attitude of landlords towards tenants they (team of shelter) were consistently shocked by the rogue behavior of landlords with tenants. He said that from the research of shelter it is evident that a large number of people are affected by rogue landlord practice. According to him government should realize its responsibility and should take some effective measures to protect the increasing population of private tenants.

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