Do I have to register to use Guildford rooms let?

You have to register just in order to place an ad and to interact with advertiser of a posted ads.

How to register to Guildford rooms let?

You have to first click on register  option given on homepage then a new page will appear asking you for a username, email address and captcha Code in order to create an account . Your new password will be send to your specified email ID. You can login with your username and password.

Want to give my house/room on rent, how to post an ad for that?

Click on place an ad option on the home page then login your account, after that your dashboard will appear showing status of your ads. Then click again on the place an ad option again and select your category whether you want to advertise a room or a house , then select either house or room for rent then next page will appear, you will be asked to fill out and select the mandatory and not mandatory categories after that click on continue button. You will be shown details you have given in the previous page related to your ad  so that you can review and you are also asked to be agree with Guildford rooms let’s rules. Now click on proceed button to complete the ad listing process if you want to change some of the details you can still go back to previous page.

Need a house/room on rent, how to post an ad for that?

The process of placing an ad for house/room wanted is similar to offering house/room on rent. See the above answer.

Is placing an ad free?

Yes placing an ad is free of cost except featured advertisements, which require you to pay.

What is featured ad?

These are the paid advertisements appearing on the top of the homepage of this website.

 How much does a single featured ad cost?

Only £5 per featured ads listing.

For how many months a single ad will remain posted on this website?

4 months. Once this period of 4 months is passed you will have to place your ad again.

Can I edit my ad?

First, you need to login/sign in then go to dashboard and click on the tool showing pencil to make changes in the ads.

 How to delete/stop your ad?

If you don’t want others to consider your ad you can stop it by click on a tool next to pencil in the dashboard but you can only do that so when  you are login.

How can I change my password?

After you logged in a dashboard will appear. On the right side of that dashboard you will see an image of pencil,click on that .A new page will appear asking you to edit your ad. On the right side of that page you will see heading of User options. Click on the option of edit profile, a new page will appear, here you can complete your details and change your password.

How can I contact advertiser of posted ad?

First login then click on the ad and after that select the ask question option in order to interact with advertiser.

Are the listed advertisements up to date?

Yes they are up to date. This website is updated on regular basis.

Can I post more than 1one ads under the same account?

Yes, you can do so.

How to use « Dashboard » section?

When you will login, you will be shown your dashboard listing all of the ads you have posted. If you have just posted an ad your dashboard will show you the status of your ad whether-it is approved by the administration or not. You can also see here how many people have viewed your ads. Here you will find the options of editing and stopping your ad as well as marking it sold.

How to use the search options?

The very first search option is a main search option, which helps you to find a room or house for renting purpose in your area. Advance search option has made searching  much easier .whatever your target is ( offering house for rent or room wanted or offering room for rent or room wanted)  select your option and specify the amount of money you want or amount of money you can give. You can get to know that how many houses or rooms are available within your specified price. You can also search by categories such as Rooms for Rent In All Towns, rooms for wanted in all towns, house for rent in all towns, house for wanted in all towns. Take an example if you want to search a room available on rent in a specify city/ country, you have to write city or country name or postcode (zip code) in search. However you can view all the advertisements of rooms that you can get on rent posted on this website by clicking on the option “ view all rooms for rent “, same is the case with other categories.

We have best customer service team. If you  still have any query you can give us a call on 07968 744302 during office hours (9:00 am to 5:00 p.m), after office hours you can email us through Contact Us page of this website besides this you can also interact with us on Facebook.