Help / Info and advice

Whether you need to search a rental house/room to stay or you want to put your house / room on rent we can advise and help you well to make best possible decisions. We can also guide you regarding your rental property advertisement.

Not everybody is a fraud but you should be very careful and extra conscious while renting and letting your property.

Safety measures for renter

  • You have to be alert and use your common sense while seeing an ad on the site and also while contacting the advertiser if you feel interested in the ad.
  • Use Google maps or something else to understand the exact location of the property.
  • Before signing the contract and paying the rent you must have a look at the property (room/house).
  • You must have to make sure that the rental property and its description worth’s the amount of rent being asked by the property holder.
  • If are you just taking a single room on rent then you should ask the other housemates regarding both the benefits and disadvantages of staying in that house.
  • Must keep a copy of contract with you.
  • If you are living abroad and cannot meet the landlord face to face then talk him on phone and tell him when are you coming ?, can you pay the rent when you will arrive? .If he wants you to pay some of the  rent in advance then send him  money to book your accommodation.

Safety measures for landlords

  • When somebody calls you after viewing your ad and you don’t like to make some settlement with them then you should refuse them instantly in order to avoid waste of your time and his or her as well.
  • When someone comes to visit the accommodation make sure you are not alone because you may not know that the unknown person can threaten you.
  • When client will be viewing your house, if you feel troubled, then you should leave the house by giving some excuse and call somebody from the neighbor to help you out. Risking your life is better than leaving your home alone.
  • Always verify the identity of the renter to make sure he/she is what he/ she poses.
  • Ask the renter to sign the agreement with you.

How to make your rental property advertisement look interesting?

  • Give an appealing title to your advertisement.
  • Give as much detail of the property as possible to make clear what you have to offer or what your demands are.
  • Your ad must target the exact audience