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Launch of New House/Room Letting Website

Guildford, UK-  February 9, 2013 – Danniyal Malik Limited has launched a new website today (Saturday).This website ,Guildford rooms let, is devoted for all those who want to rent out their house/room located in UK and Ireland and also for those who need rental house/room, in UK and Ireland. Landlords and tenants can post ads on Guildford rooms let for free of cost. 4 categories have been created on home page of Guildford rooms let for placing an ad; house for rent, house wanted, room for rent and room wanted. For users ease numerous searching options available on this website.

At the launch of the website, owner of Guildford rooms let , Daniyal Malik said, “Initially this website was meant to help me post advertisements of my properties that I have in Surrey but keeping in mind the difficulties faced by landlords and tenants such as finding customers and searching good accommodations I decided to extended its scope and now when the website is finally launched, apart from me anyone can post an ad on Guildford rooms let related to letting house/room or needing rental house/room. In short this is a website of collective benefit”.