Responsibilities of tenants and landlords

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  • They must have to pay their rents or any such charges on time.
  • They must keep a diary with them for keeping records of rents they have paid.
  • They should keep their rental accommodation in good condition (clean and organized).
  • They should take measures to repair any damage caused to the rental property or its objects by them.
  • They should not harass or create any trouble for the neighbors.


  • Landlord must tell his address, his name or his agent’s information to the tenant.
  • He must provide tenants with statement of tenancy terms.
  • He must give an Energy Performance Certificate for your property.
  • He must respect tenant’s right to peace and comfort in your house/accommodation
  • He must make sure that basic facilities such as gas, electricity, furniture and safety equipments are available in the accommodation.
  • Maintenance of house both from inside and outside is the responsibility of landlord.
  • He must follow accurate legal procedure to evict the tenant.

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