Terms and Conditions

In order to use this website you must have to agree with the terms and conditions of Guildford rooms let. You will only be allowed to post your ad on Guildford rooms let when you will say “yes” to follow our rules.  If you don’t want to agree our terms then we will not allow you to continue using this site or post your ad here.

No guarantee

 We are only providing meeting opportunity to room/house seekers and individuals renting their room/house, we try to verify the accuracy of ads before allowing them to get posted here but we cannot give guarantee that each and every ad and its detail  listed on this site is 100% correct. It is your responsibility to determine the identity, accuracy and reality of anyone whom you contact though Guildford rooms let, Whatever information you will provide in this website you will be held responsible for that and you will solely be responsible for the end result of your listed ads. Whatever settlement will take place between the two parties after seeing each other’s ad here, we shall have no connection with.


Using this website is generally free but we charge £5 fee per month for featured ads. Fee for featured ads can change and in case of any change, we will post the new price policy on the website. Featured ad posting is not possible without paying the required money and fees are non-refundable.

Intellectual property rights

We are of the view that we must respect other’s intellectual copyrights. We do not bear anyone reproducing, modifying, and distributing any content from the site without prior permission except that information you have given by yourself in this site. When you post your ads here, it means you have given us the right to use and publically display your ad on this site. Our logo and trademark will be the property of Guildford Rooms Let.

Accommodation Listings

After registering on the site you can post ads for house / room wanted and house / room for rent. While listing your ad of property you will have to answer different questions such as location, size, and price of the place. In order to list your ad for renting out your house / room, you must have to assure us that the accommodation for which you are posting an ad have actual physical existence. In addition, if you have provided price in the ad then you cannot alter that later unless and until the other party agrees on that.

What we do not expect from you ( users)?

  • Violation of rules and regulation of Guildford rooms let.
  • Posting fake, offensive, insulting, unlawful and misleading ads
  • Distribution of virus that may cause damage to  this website
  • Interference in our proper working
  • Copying, editing and using information  of other members without their permission
  • Pretending to be someone else or hiding your real identity or conducting fraud with Guildford Rooms Let and its members=
  • Threatening or harassing any member of Guildford rooms let=
  • Violating the rights of our users such as their in their intellectual property, privacy and contractual rights=
  • Using Guildford rooms let and its Services to transmit, post, or offer any information related to anyone or any entity without his/her permission like, photographs, personal contact information, or credit card number for the purpose of harassment.
  • Posting an ad with false price information/ one that you don’t intend to pay or receive.

Alterations in the Website

Guildford rooms let has all rights to make changes in the website and its services any time needed. We can improve, alter and revise all the features of this website. Our terms and conditions can change at any time and in case of any change in the rules and regulations, you will be notified but you should check our terms every time you use this site.

Report  law infringement

If you find that some member of this website has breached any of our rules and regulations, we will be very thankful to you if you report us with that. We can send warning notice to or can cease service for all those creating problems for us.

Resolution of disputes

The agreement between you and Guildford Rooms Let will be governed by the laws of UK. If you have some dispute with us first contact us by calling us or sending us an email, we will try to present possible solutions, but in case of disagreement with our provided remedies the case will be seen by courts of UK.


We have the authority to delete your posted ad or reject information provided by you that will be against our guidelines besides that we can also terminate your membership or can delete your account from this website if we found you violating our terms. You can report with the problems that you face while using Guildford rooms let.

Do you have more questions related to Guildford rooms let’s terms and conditions? No problem at all, you are free to Contact us. We will also encourage your feedback for improvements in this site.